Flames, Tribal Designs, Graphics, Murals, Feathers, Dreamcatchers, Barbed Wire, Skulls, Animals, Pinstripes, Stripe Designs, Lettering and More...


Custom Brush Artwork and Pinstriping for Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Helmets, Leather, and Anything Else That Will Hold Still  Long Enough!

No Sanding or Clearcoating Necessary!



Eagles, Flags, Lettering & Emblems, Military Themes

Flames & Barbed Wire

Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes!

Animals, Cartoons, Skulls, Feathers

For The Ladies....

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Anita Carden
HC 77 Box 33B
Peterstown, WV 24963
(304) 753-6284
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About The Paint...and Care Instructions

I use 1-Shot Lettering Enamel on all vehicle pinstriping, lettering and artwork. This is done freehand, with a paintbrush (not an airbrush).  Any reputable pinstriper or free-hand vehicle artist is probably using 1-Shot Lettering Enamel to do their work.  It is an exterior, oil based, enamel paint that will maintain its gloss, shine and durability in all types of weather conditions.  It is designed to create exterior signs that stand outside in the weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through all 4 seasons. It has been the number one choice for vehicle pinstriping and lettering for many years.

     The artwork dries shiny and does not need to be clear coated, only waxed. You should wait at least one week before washing your bike after artwork has been applied, then you may wash artwork gently with a soft cloth and water if necessary. No power washing! Try to avoid getting caught in heavy downpours of rain during this time as this is like power washing. NO VIGOROUS SCRUBBING OR WAXING FOR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS !         ( LONGER IN HIGH HUMIDITY).  Leave your bike out in the sun as much as possible to let the paint bake in the artwork or pinstriping . The more it bakes in the sun, the faster it will cure. This will also help the paint to level and smooth out any brushstrokes showing in the design. 1-Shot Paint cures from the top down, so while it may be dry to the touch, it may not be fully cured underneath for 6 to 8 weeks .

       The designs you choose are a great way to distinguish your bike from all the rest and express your individuality.  With proper care your artwork should look beautiful for years to come!


Flames....Graphics.....Tribal Designs
Murals....Barbed Wire....Pinstripes
Stripe Designs....Lettering.....Animals

And Just About Anything Else You Can Dream Up!


Contact Info:

Anita Carden
HC 77 Box 33B
Peterstown, WV 24963


(304) 753-6284

Or :



You Can Even Have a Painting Done of Your Bike!

24" x 36" Oil on Canvas



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